Game Protection Cover


Game insurance protects a farmer’s investment in new game and reduces the risk of it dying of sickness, change in climate or transport stress.

There are different field cover options, as well as insurance options against sickness when purchasing new game and transporting it between destinations.

Other cover options include:

  • Capture cover
  • Stress after release cover
  • All risk death cover
  • Auction cover
  • Game register and catastrophe cover (including disasters like flooding, fire, storms and lightning)


Capture cover

This cover is for the death of an animal as a result of its capture; or for injury of the animal sustained during the capture that might lead to its death; or the death of an animal within 24 hours as a result of chemical immobilisation. All chemicals must be administered by a registered veterinarian adhering to the SANS code 10331.

Transport Cover

Transport cover is valid when an animal dies as a result of any wound obtained during transport, should the wound have been caused by the transport itself; or during an accident or hijack of a vehicle.

  1. No cover is issued for female animals in their third trimester of gestation.
  2. The driver of the vehicle in which the animal/s are transported, must be in possession of a valid and applicable driver’s license and the necessary permit.
  3. The claim will not be covered if the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving and refuses to have any tests done to confirm it, or when a driver flees from the accident scene.
  4. Any transport not adhering to the terms of the SANS code 1031 will not be covered.

Stress After Release Cover

The cause of death has to be confirmed with an autopsy. Cover is valid for the death of an animal as the direct result of stress after transport and release.

All Risk

This cover is available for different periods up to a maximum of 12 months. This option covers a wide variety of risks including sickness, injury in the veld, accidents, theft, natural catastrophise, and unlawful poaching of animals (rhinos are not covered). A variety of sickness and epidemics are not covered and excluded from the policy’s terms and conditions. Stress after release and death by predators are not covered under this option.

Other Cover:

Alighting Cover A combination of stress after release and all risk death cover for a limited period of 7 to 14 days.
Auction Cover A tailor-made combination of all the options mentioned above are issued for a specific auction for all the animals that will be auctioned on a specific day on that auction.
Game Register The insurance of all animals in one farmer unit with a maximum loss of R25 million per annum.
Catastrophe Cover Covers the death of an insured animal as a result of flooding, fire, storms and lightning.
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